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 Ribbon printers, card printers, engraving machines and own products.

Official distributor of Gravograph Belgium products.

Manual, electronic engravers and engraving materials.

Elsen Machinery for Ribbon Printers and Engraving Machines

Baalmolenstraat 30

3980 Tessenderlo (Belgium)
Phone: +32 13 67 50 00

Fax: +32 13 67 42 97
VAT: BE 0811 385 895 - RPR Hasselt
Mail to: info@elsen-machinery.be


We are a Belgian company, worldwide leader with our ribbon printers and programs, for printing on 100% water resistant silk, or any other type of ribbons.

In 1990 we developed as first company a computer connected ribbon printer.
These printers are working by florists, funeral homes, chocolat industries, textile industries, trophy shops, events, fairs, party stores, weddings, etc...
Export of our products through the whole world.

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