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Ribbon printers to print on 100% water resistant silk ribbons, or any other type of ribbon, for Funeral homes, Florists, Party stores, Favors, Weddings, Packaging, Chocolat industries, Gifts, Trophy shops, Balloons, Events, sashes, etc... except strong woven ribbons.

developed by Elsen Machinery International, world leader in ribbon printers...

We export our ribbon printers over more than 115 countries... worldwide!

The best ribbon printer, the best print program, MAYBE THE CHEAPEST...

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THE ONLY RIBBON PRINTER with an entirely metal mechanism!

The simplest way to design and print your silk ribbons, that we advice you, for a long print head life. Printable on both sides. Saves your set-ups automatically with the correct ribbon width and make a library of ribbon designs, for future uses and modifications.

You can get all the Windows fonts, in bold, italic and any height.
Import your logos and signs with auto bitmap converter, text rotation till 360°.

Multiple repeats till 1000 same set-ups in ONE run.

Design the ribbon layout in a few seconds by yourself and save them for later in a library.
Text height from 2mm, up to 100mm. 1 to 15 lines on ONE ribbon. Text lenght and ribbon lenght are unlimited. A simple, very fast and easy print program, WITHOUT DRIVERS, and ONLY 7 buttons with international symbols, created for customers, who can just click on a computer mouse. THE MOST EASY AND UNIQUE PRINT PROGRAM...


Requires XP, Vista (32-64bit), Windows 7 (32-64bit), and later OS.                          

Print speed: one meter in 7 seconds.

Thermo transfer system, with longlife printhead.              

One meter printed ribbon cost 0,50 € or 1/2 Dollar.


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