Card printers & engraving


Card printers

Quickly print information on plastic cards with card printers. Ideal for sports, industry, funerals, schools, hotels, florists, business cards, badges, etc.

Prints from any program like Word, photoshop or our eMedia professional print program. Connected with USB cable...

Plastic card printer in monochrome of ymcko
A two sides printed card cost: +/- 0,75 Euro

  • Easy access to all functions
  • Feeder and tray in front, with a capacity of 100 cards
  • Visual inspection of the number of cards
  • Dropout Rear Tray (30 cards)
  • Supplied with Evolis Premium Suite ® for automatic setting
  • Weight of printer only 4 kg
  • Increased productivity (autonomous processing of 100 cards)
  • NEW RIBBON RANGE: Capacity 5-color ribbon YMCKO : 300 prints
  • Top of flexibility (single or double sided, coding)
  • Fast: up to 210 cards/hour in full color, 850 cards/hour monochrome black
  • Setting as desired: single or double
  • All types of encoders (magnetic stripe, chip and contactless)
    can be combined with one printer

  • Technical information

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    Print system
    + sublimation (colours) and thermo transfer (monochrome)

    + 210 cards/hour in color
    + 850 cards/hour in mono

    + 300dpi

    + eMedia card designer for creation and print is included
    + Mac, Windows XP, Vista & 7+ drivers
    + Can print from any Windows program (Word, Photoshop, etc)

    Card feeder
    + Automatic feeder or manual
    + 100 cards from 30mil (0,76mm) max. in feeder

    + USB

    Printfoils for cards
    + Mono: for printing 1000 cards in black
    + YMCKO 5 panel colour: 250 cards

    Power supply
    + 100-240 Volts AC

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Our engraving machines

Graveermachines: Graveermachine M20ABC


Professional engraving system. Build-in computer, via touchscreen or wireless keyboard and mouse. Ideal for small engraving. Compact new engraving system, very user friendly. Suitable for engraving plastic and metal items.

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    Technical information:

    • Engraving area 120 x 100 mm. Cutter diameter 3,17mm.
    • Stand Alone engraving solutions for various applications.
    • Computer and software fully integrated, computer not required.
    • Only electrical connection.
    • Software controlled via touchpad (ïntegrated). Including point and shoot and automatic Z-ref function.
    • Only 3 steps to a perfect result.

Graveermachines: Graveermachine IM3


The most sold manual engraving machine world wide. Used to engrave in all materials!!! (Not in steel or Inox). For industry, gifts, penshops, juwelery, trophy, shoes & keys, etc.)

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    Techniscal information:

    • The most sold manual engraving machine world wide.
    • 25 reduction ratios from 1/2 tot 1/7. Jaw opening standard: 140mm.
    • Cutters diam.: 3,17mm x 100mm length.
    • Depth adjustment: 0,025mm.


Engraving materials